For her first collection, TATIANA VERSTRAETEN skilfully plays with diamonds, precious stones and pearls in challenging shapes and forms,

while maintaining the very essence of high jewellery tradition.

The designer reveals her distinctive style and creativity through five different themes : Barbara, Vienne, Rain, Stars & Tzigane.

The collection includes exceptional pieces, that truly demonstrate the Art of High Jewellery with thousands of diamonds and a great

sophistication, like the impressive “Barbara” necklace that adorns the shoulders like a feather boa, seemingly not touching the skin.  

The first collection also offers several fringes earrings, Tatiana Verstraeten’s signature piece.

Like the “Diamonds rain” fringes earrings that dance on the ear, glistening like rain on a summer day, or the “Shooting stars” fringes earrings,

shinning brightly in the night, that are a nod to the fringe evening dresses of the roaring twenties (pictures here below).

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“ A silent revolution is taking place Place Vendôme.”

— Olivier DUPON, Author High Jewelry

/Photography by MATHIEU CESAR/

The “Barbara” necklace, made of white 18K gold and diamonds - Unique piece.

L1000501-3 recut.jpg

The “Shooting Stars” fringes earrings, made of white 18K gold and diamonds.

The “Diamonds Rain” fringes earrings, made of white 18K gold and diamonds.

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