" Tatiana Verstraeten re-energises Haute Joaillerie with the fantasy and freedom of couture jewellery.”

— Vivienne Becker


Tatiana Verstraeten has harboured a strong interest in design since a young age, instilled by her mother – Beaux Arts graduated painter and sculptor. However she completed a Master in Business Management and Finance in Brussels and London.

Later, Tatiana arrives in Paris, works for Maison MICHEL, then with Anthony VACCARELLO, and in 2011 she enters CHANEL’s Studio Creation, where she designs jewellery and head pieces for Karl LAGERFELD. 

The latter was to become her all time reference in terms of rigour and elegance. She discovers the exceptional skills of the Métiers d’Art.

Born a designer in the world of fashion and fantasy jewellery, Tatiana then moves to create exquisite pieces for the finest jewellery.

Additionnaly, she started working on her own eponymous high jewellery line.

The first pieces were unvieled this summer 2018 in exclusivity with British VOGUE.

The official launching is expected during Paris Couture Week in January 2019.



For her first high jewellery collection, Tatiana skilfully plays with diamonds, precious stones and pearls, in challenging shapes and forms, while maintaining the very essence of fine jewellery tradition. 

The result is sophisticated and feminine. 

The designer reveals her distinctive style and creativity through a variety of themes, presenting both exemplary signature collections and exceptional unique pieces, one of which was chosen by SOTHEBY’S to be displaid in the lastest “In Bloom” exhibition in New York.

Tatiana chose for a Made in France ethical gold production, and all diamonds are purchased in compliance with KPCS standards.


TatianaVerstraeten_VOGUE BRASIL recut profile pic.jpg

We are delighted to announce that Tatiana has been selected in the GemGENEVE Contemporary Designer Viviarium, the prestigious showcase for independant contemporay designer-jewellers at Geneva International Gem and Jewellery Fair, 9-12 May 2019.